Assessments 2018

It’s that time of year again…..

Standardised Testing in English and Maths is taking place at present in all classes in St. Louis SPS. End-of-year assessments will also be taking place in other Curricular areas across the school. We very much value the data we collect from these tests as they help us as a school to prepare lessons for the students that meet their specific needs. Do remember, however, that these tests are just a sample of the evidence collected regarding your child’s learning, ability and progress. Teachers use different methods of gathering evidence about how and what our students learn on an ongoing basis. Standardised and end-of-year testing are just a small sample of this evidence. This information, along with other teacher observations and assessments, is used to celebrate students’ current learning, and to help make decisions about next steps for future learning.

For further information on Standardised Testing and interpreting STen scores; please refer to the NCCA leaflet for parents:

Here in St. Louis we place a strong emphasis on the holistic development of each child as a valued individual.  We celebrate the academic, artistic, musical, technological, sporting, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of our students. We are immensely proud of all of our students and their achievements through their time with us.


Visit from the Defence Forces

Our school recently welcomed visitors from the Defence Forces who presented us with a national flag which we will raise on Proclamation Day next March 15.

They told us about the flag and its meaning, and about how to fold and care for it properly.

You can see some photos from their visit below!

Friendship Fortnight

no-bullyingFriendship Fortnight runs for 2 weeks every school year in the month of November. This allows the children to learn about the value of friendship and how friendships are made and sustained. The school has decided to brand the fortnight “Friendship Fortnight” rather than “Anti-Bullying Fortnight”.

We believe the term anti-bullying has negative connotations for the children. It is better to highlight the benefit of friendships, as we feel that a child who knows the value of friendship is less likely to become a bully or a victim of bullying. But we are not ignoring the issue of bullying itself. As a school we are going to focus on all aspects of bullying, text messages, cyber-bullying, etc.

The staff of St Louis SPS are taking particular care to monitor behaviour and explain to the children the damage caused by bullying. We are making it clear that we are a “telling school” where children are encouraged to show dignity and respect for themselves and others. The principal aim of Friendship Fortnight is to ensure that all the children in our school can learn and play in a safe and caring environment during their time in school here.