Active Schools Week

Active School Week is a part of the school year that we all look forward to in the school.

During Active School Week all pupil in St. Louis SPS get to take part in many daily physical activities. We invite some outside agencies into the school to encourage pupils to try new activities.

Some parents help out with activities/sports during Active Schools Week.

Active School Week 2018

Check out the activities from Active School Week 2018 in the link below:


Physical homework during Active School Week

All pupils are given physical activities to complete for their homework during Active School Week.


Whole School Dance

During Active School Week all of the pupils and teachers practice the dance for the song ‘Move Your Body’ by Beyonce.

We than all get together in the yard and perform the dance.

Then we have a dance party together. It is a great way to stay active and have fun too.

Check out this Active School Week dance video: