Home Activities

Click here to access the St. Louis SPS Padlet. Click here to access the St Louis SPS SET Padlet. Within these, you will find an absolute wealth of resources available to you at this time from online textbooks to educational websites, movement games, arts and crafts activities, home-cooking ideas, fun videos, competitions, mindfulness exercises and more. Sincere thanks to Ms. Róisín Bennett and Mr. Thomas Keenan for creating these padlets for us all.

Ms O Brien has been busy preparing some breathing videos for us to use while we are at home. Click here for 2nd and 3rd  class video. Click here for 4th, 5th and 6th class video. Ms O Brien has also created a video to show us how to create a daily gratitude journal. You can see this vdeo below!

Find below some offline work and activities that your child may enjoy completing during the mandatory school closures.

Click here for a grid off off-line activities to complete. Print (or copy onto A4 if you’ve no access to printer) and colour each activity as you complete them.

Click here for 38 fun games, challenges, adventures and ideas for things to while indoors

Click here for even more ideas for off-line, non-screen activities.

Click here for activities that may help your child manage their energy, emotions and concentration at home.

Click here for some Fine and Gross Motor skills exercises to try out at home.

Click here for whole-bodied work outs for home (Gross Motor skills)

Parents’ click here for a directory of free products/services which you yourself may find helpful at this time; whether it’s free exercise classes, audiobooks or a recording of a show from the UK National Theatre, we hope you’re finding time to look after yourselves too during this time.