St. Louis is an active school and we are working towards our second Active Schools Flag (ASF). The Active School Flag (ASF) is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The process aims to get more schools, more active, more often.

All classes in our school are taught the six strands of the P.E curriculum  each year.

The six strands include: Aquatics, Athletics, Games, Dance, Gymnastics and Outdoor & Adventure.

Physical education is allocated 1 hour per week of overall teaching time. Discretionary time is also used towards P.E.

Aquatics are also taught throughout the year in all standards (2nd – 6th class)

The strand of games has been chosen to be prioritised in the school in 2018-2019.

P.E equipment 

A group of 6th class pupils monitor our store room to ensure it is kept tidy. They dispose of any damaged or broken equipment.

We have purchased lots of new equipment to assist teachers in delivering the PE curriculum.

Our Active Schools committee monitor the equipment we have and the equipment that is needed in the school. They bring that information at their committee meetings discus the schools needs.

The school has been lucky to receive a sports grant for new equipment. We also had a new surface put in our main yard and that helps with our PE lessons.

Thanks to the parents association for all the fundraising for our new yard.