Physical Activity

All pupils receive two outdoor physical breaks per day in St. Louis Senior Primary School.


Here in St. Louis we teach the land PAWS in each class.

It is a water safety programme.

Here are some games to play once you have done the lessons in your class.

‘Do Your Talking As You’re Walking’

We encourage all pupils to ‘Do Your Talking While You’re Walking’ during break times.


Playground leaders 

We have playground leaders in St. Louis SPS. There is one playground leader per class and they are all members of the Active Schools Committee.

The playground leaders ensure that pupils are keeping active during yard times.


Active Lines

The playground leaders also lead the Active Lines in the yard at break times.

They lead the rest of the pupils in daily activities after yard time.


Active breaks in the classroom

Classes in St. Louis use active breaks in the classroom. These activities are proven to increase productivity and concentration in the classroom.

Physical activity breaks are used during rainy days when the pupils may not get to go to the yard.


Hallowe’en sponsored walk

The Parent’s Association organised a dress up Hallowe’en sponsored walk for both schools. It was great to see all the pupils and parents dressed up and having fun.

We had lots of fun in the new yard on dress up day 2018.


Take on the teachers 2018

There was so much excitement in the school for the annual Take On The Teacher Challenge. On this day the pupils and teachers go head to head in lots of different active challenges.

We competed in basketball, soccer, strength tests, skipping, accuracy throwing tasks, hoola hooping, bowling, sprints and dodgeball.

We kept a tally of all of the points scored.

It was a super day! Well done everyone!


Santa Dash

Before the Christmas break 2018 all of the pupils in the school wore their festive clothing and accessories and took part in the Santa Dash.

We ran together, we danced together – we were very active before the Christmas holidays.